PEF-40, PEF-30 & PEF-20 Electric Portable Ventilation Fans

PEF-12A Pneumatic Portable Ventilation Fan

Highly efficient, reliable and portable.  Used to ventilate hot air and harmful gases from a tank or work area.

– Electric types are available from Ø200mm to Ø600mm. (Explosion Proof Type are also available upon request)

– Pneumatic driven type is only limited to Ø300mm currently. 

-Ventilation tubes, Spiral type. Available from Ø200mm to Ø600 and length of 5m or 10m (Anti-Static Type also available upon request)

Made of hest resistance PVC Tarpaulin Canvas w/cloth insertion and Flared on both end.

(Flexible ducting hose are sold separately)

Equivalent Impa:

PEF-12A: 59 14 25

PEF-40, PEF-30 & PEF-20: 59 14 02 to 59 14 09

Ventilation Tubes: 591 781 to 591 486